lessons from a spider

It is funny to me how God tends to use the smallest, seemingly insignificant things to teach me lessons. I have a serious spider problem in my apartment. To say I am very excited to move is kind of an understatement. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I clean – the next day there are webs everywhere again. They are relentless. No matter how many times I tell them this is not their house…they don’t seem to get it.

Last night I noticed a huge web on my front porch, in the top corner of the porch roof. It was actually quite beautiful and impressive…one of those iconic spider webs that you picture when you think of a web. Symmetrical, intricate detail and very well constructed. I think I actually complimented the spider out loud. (Don’t judge.) My brief moment of awe towards this spider web ended quickly though, when I thought about the fact that if it got any bigger, I would have to walk through it to get to my front door. No thank you. So this afternoon I took a broom and swept it down. All taken care of, right?

Not so much. Less than 4 hours later, I come home, and the web is back. And, if possible, it’s actually more impressive than the night before. This spider had worked tirelessly to rebuild it’s web in its entirety. I was actually pretty impressed.

There were two things I felt the Lord teach me in this moment. 1: Sometimes the things we find gross and undesirable, the Lord actually sees as beautiful. And 2: No matter how many times we get knocked down, persecuted, rejected, or despised, we must get up and re-build. The spider didn’t have a choice; it is his innate nature to build a web. For safety, for shelter, and for food. It doesn’t matter how many times I knock that thing down. The spider will build it again. I hope I can learn to live the same way. No matter what gets thrown at me – new job, new apartment, new school year, new friends – I may stumble, but I won’t fall. I may get overwhelmed, but I will not drown. The Lord has given each of us the task to build His Kingdom here, and despite the plans of the enemy to knock us down, we will be victorious!

I realize this is a daily choice. I have to choose to see the process as beautiful. To see the hard work, the toil, and the pressing on – as the most beautiful work there is. The Lord promises to make beauty out of ashes. Only God can build something beautiful out of this broken mess. I have to remember that He created the spider, and even though I do NOT like spiders…they are worshiping God by doing what they were created to do. I think I can learn a lot from them!

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