About Me

“Christians, therefore, are not some select group who have music nobody else has; they’re simply people who by faith–by trust–always hear the music of the Mystery of Christ that the WHOLE creation has been provided with. And so the real job of Christians as far as the world is concerned is simply to DANCE to the hidden music–and to try, by the joy of their dancing, to wake the world up to the party it’s already at, even though it thinks it doesn’t hear any music at all.”
-Robert Farrar Capon

Welcome to my blog! I am a mental health counselor specializing in helping children and families who have experienced trauma. I love my job, my friends, and family with all of my heart, and I’ve been blessed with an incredible community around me that has shaped who I am. As I continue to learn and explore the depths of God’s love, I am able to love the people in my life more deeply and passionately. My desire to know God and pursue a life filled with the Holy Spirit is always growing. Jesus has changed my heart!

I am a seed planter. A compassionate healer. A prayer warrior. A faithful lover.
I am who my Father says I am.

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